Those queations and answers will maybe help you.

Those queations and answers will maybe help you.

Android 7.0 support

Android 7.0, can change only QS backgroud icons and wallpapers.

Android 6.0 support

Android 6.0, Android 6.0 have propably different theme engine, so it support only ( at this time ) quicksettings, icons and wallpapers, if you will found ANY themes what will change your Settings/SMS/Dialer, just contact me on my email.

How use your theme

It is easy, you need Android 5.0 an higher ( exept android 5.1 ), Go to "Motivs" app, and select my themes, my thees are in 3rd category.

I can not found your theme


It sometimes happend, but there is way how to solve it, at first you should delete data and cache ot "motivs" app ( picture 1. ) If it will not help, delete upgade of this app ( picture 2. )and then update to version on 1st picture, using this link, and then try it again, Still you have your problem? Contact me on my email.

1st Picture
2nd Picture
1st Picture
2nd Picture

I want more icon

At first i must say: I will add support for Asus icons. But if you want try send me request, i will have no problem with it, Just download IconShowcase choose icons, and send me email.

Will you made "XXX" theme

At first look at "themes" tab, then look on my Beta testing community. Then you can ask me on my email.